Donna Metzlar

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Donna Metzlar (1969, Cape Town) has a varied background. The one aspect which remains constant is her commitment to social change. She has been actively involved in the Genderchangers, a group of women enamoured with technology, especially free software, open source hardware and the universal interoperability of systems. She takes a lead role in the annual event the Eclectic Tech Carnival (/ETC) and the Systerserver. This server is run by women only, hosts feminist websites and offers women interested in gaining system administration skills a work experience space. Together with Melanie Rieback she initiated the Girl Geek Dinner social network in Amsterdam and is board member of the WAITS Foundation.

While having studied English Literature and Sociology in Cape Town she always dreamed of having a trade, a skill set with which one can travel, and which involves working with people. Hence, after moving to Rotterdam she followed and completed a degree in Nursing. Wanting to know more about the upcoming world of ICT she took on a help desk job. From there she grew into sysadmin, community advocacy, teaching and web work. Her ICT skills are self-taught. She lives in Amsterdam.