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A4 - Zero Space is joining Art's Birthday Party 2006.

Xgz is joining DNS-f (danube noisy stream fanfare) is joining tvari tvari.

Look at the setup here:

let's comment here..

guy to slavo on sunday:

was talking a little to dusan here in prague and we would integrate his performance with the stream onstage online hihi 8 till 8.30 is that possible?

and participating will be gnd and anna and cuco and tobias i know of, maybe more, but we are working out a concept while dusan is performing his piece we parallel stream in and out and process and send and receive and contibute to all - a real dada 21st century performance

so technically teh mixer on stage and the internet cable too ps and we would need an electric guitar to be amplified for a slide

and will come to A4 at noon and work exactly 1.30 hours on the setup hihi and all of tuesday of course

what do you think, ok?

gnd to dusan on monday:

vizualy z hlasu su nuda co takto tvoj obraz distortovany tvojim hlasom ?

budem potrebovat kameru s firewire a adapterom, zisiel by sa aj nejaky shitny stary pocitac ktory by sniffoval siet (mozno donesiem ten moj z domu) a to je setko aha hej este kabel zvukovy do pocitaca z mixu

guy to everyone on monday:

hi everyone - now your are official members of DNS-f hihi

well tomorrow is the big day - art's anniversary (robert filliou / the eternal party) - opening of cabaret voltaire 90 years ago (in zürich) - benjamin franklin (300 years old the chap)

so, we will set up at A4 from 2pm on, feel welcome and join in!

6.00pm: milos vojtechovski from lemurie prague is having a collaboration project for the art's anniversary in teh EBU constellation (the radio broadcasts, ) in which people say names of streets and people and I would love to have more people joining in, I will set up a stream on an icecast2 server for it, so bring your maps and lists!

8.00-8.30pm: was talking together with dusan in prague about it and we will all join forces, will try to make a kind of plan in the afternoon that it becomes a fine mess - so all come and bring: yourself, your instruments (if any), your ideas and creativity and let's cook something together - current ideas are as following: dusan will whisper his history of media from prehistory till the future, gnd will visualise voices and packages, I will exercise some slides and comment them and manage streams (up-down), and so come and join in - pozor: all forces needed!

till tomorrow! xgz

the original robert filliou file
... and the icecast server is at