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The E 80 Association for Exit Strategies and Projects (*2004) promotes new forms of participatory civil culture. Our activities stimulate open exchange of information, promote public debates and bring new ideas into cultural and social policies.


Identify, promote and organize opportunities for informal groups, individuals and organizations active in the field of Visual Arts, New Media, cultural policies and civic participation to exchange experience and establish partnerships within their area of expertise; Gather information and draft training materials for current cultural practices and policies, strategies for group empowerment and development. Research opportunities for collaboration on short and long-term projects.Drafting and distribution of materials providing information about E 80 Association goals and activitiesPublishing training materials which relate to the activities of E 80 AssociationProviding consulting services related to E 80 activities and projects


The E 80 Association for Exit Strategies and Projects was registered under the Act governing the activities of nonprofit associations. The Board of Trustees is the key managing body of the association and consists of the three founders of the Association. The activities of the association are managed by the Board Chair, who is in addition granted with representative powers. The Board Chair is appointed by the Board of Trustees and authorized to represent the organization. The Board Chair reports to the Board of Trustees. The Association is not termbound. Presently there are no employees and all program and administrative activities are carried out by volunteers.

Staff: Ventsislav Zankov Chairman

Vania Nedialkova consultant HP, fundraising

Iva Kujumdjieva cultural policies

Ivana Murdgeva Director Programmes, Strategies, Projects

Biliana Zankov Creative director

E 80 Association for Exit Strategies and Projects