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Easterndaze is a project that explores and highlights underground music from Central and Eastern Europe through a variety of channels, including radio shows (London’s Resonance FM, Cashmere Radio, Czech Radio station Radio Wave, Habitat.fm netradio), concerts, music releases, its label BABA VANGA) and its website. Between 2016 and 2021, the Easterndaze x Berlin events took place in Berlin, bringing together Berlin-based and Central and Eastern European independent music collectives and labels for a series of events, installations and radio shows.

Easterndaze aims to explore the current political and social status quo in some of the countries of the region through the eyes of those most vulnerable to social change - young artists who are still under the radar. It won't be a patronising Western view of 'hip' Eastern Europe, because we come from the East ourselves.

Easterndaze aims not only to raise awareness of up-and-coming - mainly experimental and electronic - artists in the West, but more importantly to increase the conspicuously low level of information and cooperation between Eastern European art scenes.

Member of the em guide project as of 2024. (2024)

The project was initiated in 2009 by Lucia Udvardyová and Peter Gonda. The associated label Baba Vanga was launched in 2013.


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