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Ege Berensel (1968, Muğla) is a media artist and visual researcher based in Ankara. Studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Industrial Design in Middle East Technical University (METU). Lectured Aestetics and Critics in METU in 2013. Member of Timescapes group with Angela Melitopoulos and Maurizio Lazzarato; founder of the media activist collective Vitopya and Videfesta Media Arts Festival. Edited the series of Cinema, Anarchism and Deleuze Lectures for Öteki publisher with Ulus Baker as well as his books Brain Screen, Fragments, and Indirect Act for Birikim Publishing. Active member of editorial board of Journal of Teorik Bakış. He was awarded with “Panoptikon” and “Mü/hür” at film festivals nationally and internationally. His video installation “here (t) here” was exhibited at the "B Zone" at the KW Berlin in 2005, and then at the Fundació Antoni Tapies, in Barcelona in 2007. The Hill Doesn’t Chant Anymore was exhibited in the 10th International İstanbul Biennial. In 2015 his multi screen video installation “Dinamo Mesken” was exhibited in SALT Ulus. In 2016 his two video installation State Lesson and Militant Cinema were exhibited in the exhibition We Won’t Leave curated by Pelin Tan in Goethe-Institut Ankara.