Egil Asprem

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Egil Asprem is a research associate at the Centre for History of Hermetic Philosophy and Related Currents (GHF), located in the Department of Art, Religion, and Cultural Sciences. His research focuses on the relationship between science and esotericism since the Enlightenment, particularly in the first decades of the 20th century. Asprem's PhD dissertation, entitled The Problem of Disenchantment: Scientific Naturalism and Esoteric Discourse, 1900-1939, developed a fresh approach to Max Weber's notion of disenchantment and resulted in a cum laude judicium. Most of Asprem's published work focuses on the history of parapsychology, modern occultism, and ritual magic. He also takes a major interest in theoretical and methodological issues in the study of religion, esotericism, the history of science, and interdisciplinary research in the humanities in general. Asprem is a board member of the European Society for the Study of Western Esotericism (ESSWE), and currently serves as Membership Secretary and Acting Treasurer of the Society.