Egon Krák

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Born 1958 in Bratislava. 1973 – 1977 studies at secondary school. 1977 – 1982 studies of theory of music at Academy of Music and Drama (AMD) in Bratislava, concurrently studying composition privately (with Juraj Pospíšil, Dušan Martinček and Ilja Zeljenka). 1984 – 1991 editor of books and sheet music at OPUS Publishing House, later active as independent editor and producer in the field of original audio-visual arts programmes, music director (OPUS, Slovak Radio, Slovak Music Fund, Slovak Sinfonietta Žilina, Rugginenti Editore Milano). 1991 founder of music-history series Artis Musicae Monumenta Slovaca (AMMS). Since 1988 teacher at Faculty of Music of the AMD as external lecturer, since 1996 as internal teacher of theory and history of music. Since 1997 vice-dean of the Faculty of Music of the AMD. 1995 founder and artistic director of an ensemble for Renaissance music Chorus Angelorum ensemble. Since 2000 chair of the Union of Slovak Composers and member of the Board of the Melos-Ethos festival, member of the Slovak Section of ISCM.