Elpida Karaba

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Elpida Karaba is an art theorist and independent curator. She is specializing in the relationship between art and systems of knowledge, and has worked extensively with archival art and art in the public domain. Her publishing, research record and curatorial work focus on art and political theory, feminist theory, institutional discourse, performance, artivism and research-based art practices. She is teaching art and architecture theory at the University of Thessaly, School of Architecture. In 2013 she initiated the Temporary Academy of Arts, a hybrid of artistic, curatorial and educational practice that develops an experimental quasi-institutional action collaborating with artists, theorists, ethnographers, architects, musicians, filmmakers and many other professionals. Part of it is SEP (Society of Cultural Workers) a quasi-institution that advocates for the promotion and support of labor rights for cultural workers in Greece, addressing the economic disparities that exist locally but also globally; disparities that deprive the professional dignity and access to dignified means of support for workers in the field of culture. Since 2009 she is consultant and collaborator of the Institute of Greek Contemporary Arts (ISET), inviting artists to work with the archive of ISET and present to the public the results of their research. She has been researcher for the Athens School of Fine Arts and the University of Patras, and the editor of books and AICA Hellas annual journal, focusing on issues of curating, public art, institutional critique and critical methodologies. She lives and works in Athens.