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Sound Designer, Editor and Engineer | Musician | Teacher. Born in 1963. Lived a happy childhood in Luanda. Dream city by the southeast Atlantic. There, in the seventies, heard pop, rock and local ethnic music in between radio sounds from my father’s workshop. Saw a lot of films at open-air cinemas. With the independence of the Portuguese colonies moved to Setúbal.
 At age 15 commenced as a self-taught guitarist and musician and formed an experimental music project with Vitor Joaquim in 1982. Attended Classical Guitar and Music courses in the Luísa Todi Music and Fine Arts Academy (Portugal) and studied in the Château-Thierry Municipal Conservatory (France). 
In the early nineties completed a Film and Sound Engineering course at the Lisbon Film and Theatre School (Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema). 
 Took part in various workshops on Structures, Forms and New Technologies in Improvised Music, supervised by Carlos Zíngaro, Peter Kowald and Richard Teitelbaum. 
Participated in concerts and intermedia performances with the likes of Carlos Zíngaro, Günter Müller, Carlos Santos, Otomo Yoshihide, Nuno Rebelo, Rudiger Carl, Manuel Mota, Matt Wand, António Chaparreiro, Mike Beck, Rodrigo Amado, Ben Rubin, Marco Franco, Ulrich Mitzlaff, Adriana Sá, Ludger Lamers, Isabelle Schad, Olga Roriz, Margarida Bettencourt and João Natividade.
 Works on a regular basis in the areas of musical composition, performance and production, sound engineering, editing and design for films, documentaries, art installations, stage plays, dance, performance art, intermedia and television advertising in Portugal, Spain, France, Germany and the UK. Collaborators include Jorge Silva Melo, Pedro Sena Nunes, Fernando Matos Silva, Luís Fonseca, Fernando Lopes, José Barahona, João César Monteiro, Cláudia Bandeira, Paulo Rocha, Sandro Aguilar, Walter Avancinni, Margarida Gil, Jeremy Cooper, Rita Palma, Margarita Ledo, Paulo Mendes, Joana Fernandes, Julião Sarmento, João Onofre, Antonino Solmer, Diamantino Ferreira, Marco Martins, Miguel Coimbra, Gideon Nell, Edson Ataíde, Keith Rowe, Gush, Roof, Silvia Barrios, Greg Moore, Carlos Bica, Bernardo Devlin, Coty Cream, Osso Exótico, Michael Gira, Current Ninety Three, Antony, Simon Finn, Baby Dee, Six Organs of Admittance, Artistas Unidos, Teatro Meridional, Teatro da Cornucópia and Teatro da Comuna. 
As Sound Recordist and Editor for cinema and audiovisual productions, taught at ESTC - Film and Theatre School, ETIC -Technic School of Image and Communication, RESTART - Creativity School and New Technologies and Videoteca Municipal, including various workshops and conferences. 
 Head of Sound and Music Department at ETIC – Technic School of Image and Communication. Director and founding member of the GRANULAR Association.
 Based in Lisbon.