Enrico Glerean

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Musician (piano studies, bass player, guitar player, accordionist, electronic music), programmer (master in computer science, sound software development) and digital artist. His artistic research is based on two keywords Coding and Memory: spaces are used to control audio parameter, mental processes are used to generate video, images are translated into sounds. Since 2003 contributed his works on many group shows, such as Echoes from the mountains, sound art for the Winter Olympic Games, Cesana, Italy in 2006. Realized many audio performances at: Placard festival, London (UK) in 2006, Placard at Transmediale, Transmediale festival, Berlin, Germany, 2005, Sound is the place, curated by Marco Altavilla and [no.signal], Bologna (IT), in 2005, London Placard, London (UK), 2004, Elementi festival, Bitola (MK), 2004, Avanto festival (with member from Helsinki Computer Orchestra), Gloria Club, Helsinki, Finland, 2003. Workshops: Digital Midia Workshop, workshop on field recording, Mestre, Venice, Italy, 2006-09, Workshop on Digital Sound, curated by A.S.U., Padova, Italy, 2006-03, Sound Art for future curators of contemporary art, Galleria A+A, Venezia, Italy, 2005-2006. Since 2004, co-founder of [no.signal].