Eric Rosenzveig

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Eric Rosenzveig (b. Montreal, Canada) is an artist, curator, music producer, and an educator whose focus has been on the relation between sound and image. His past art projects include a series of consumer electronics devices as artworks (FUNTV and others); PlayListNetWork, an online system for collaborative media making and public display that also included an artwork of the same name (2001-2004); the Appearance Machine, an artificial life system that streamed continual animated media from garbage collected in his neighborhood (1998-2002, and winner of Vida 3.0 prizes for artificial life artworks and The Telefilm Canada Prize at Images Festival Toronto for best film and video in Festival, exhibited at The Kitchen and The New Museum, NYC and other venues internationally). His productions have included Pharoah Sanders & Mahmoud Guinia, The Trance of Seven Colors, (recorded in Morocco, winner Downbeat magazine Beyond Category album of the year). In 2001-2002 he was artistic and managing director of the sound art gallery Engine 27 in New York. He´s lived in Prague since 2007. (2023)