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The Digital Peak international meeting will take place on 20-26 July 2010, on the territory of Péone, a small village 100km away from Nice on the Riviera, France. The conferences and workshops will be held 1800m high and above, in the wild, where the lands were cultivated until the middle of the XXth century. This place is now the rendez-vous of nature lovers and the grazing place for some of the last flocks of the Alps and their sheperds.

Autarchy, autonomy, self-sufficiency in the digital age, heritage and development, digital artesans and DIY industry, digital democracy, energy & environment will be the main themes of the workshops, conferences, exhibitions and lightning talks of the meeting.

Organisation: Jean-Noël Montagné, Association Art Sensitif (Nice) | Philippe Langlois, Tmplab, HackerSpace Festival (Vitry) | Jean-Marie Maiquez (Nice) and many members of different hackerspaces, fablabs & other non-profit organisations.