Eva Moraga

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Born 1970 in Cordoba. Lives in Madrid. Interdisciplinary information collector, reflector, producer and ventilator. Writer, lecturer, curator, artist lawyer and art consultant. Curator of “MAD03NET: A platform for electronic art projects” in MAD03 Festival of Experimental Arts in Madrid in 2003. Assistant curator at the Mediamuseum-ZKM (Karlsruhe) in two exhibitions: <Stephano Scheda. “Meteo 2004”. (01/07/06 – 13/08/06)> and <Ignasi Aballí. “0-24 h” (01/09/06 – 15/10/06)>. Last research: a study about the ZKM and learning organizations: “Cultural learning organizations: a model”. Last written text: “New Media, New Museums” which will appear in the catalogue for the next exhibition of the Spanish-American Museum of Contemporary Art of Badajoz (Spain). Other relevant texts: “Net-Art: Metamorphosis of Art practice?” in Juan José Gómez Molina (ed.), Machines and draw tools (2002) Madrid, Cátedra. MA in Museum and Gallery Management (London), MA in Art History (Madrid), BA in Visual Arts (Madrid), BA in Law (Madrid).