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Evamaria Trischak (1972), artist and computer scientist (network admin, teaching linux etc.), based in vienna/austria. she studied visual arts and computer science in vienna, berlin and london - the focus was on the internet, video and film. some works: diagonale 2000 - video "a°^" (sound: oswald berthold). 2000 - linux in letzter minute (lnx.sil.at - marianne von willemer-price category internet literature). 2001/02 - mego.racing.at: development of a wireless-video-system for gocart-racing, kart-tire-ASCII-videoinstallation. since 2004 she is focusing on the gps-artproject 4816 (4816.nsew.at, marianne von willemer-prize 2004 category media art). juni 2006 - CoC.ACoL.A gallery: 4816-betatest-meeting and exhibit of the 4816-plexiglas-model, august 2006: official start of the project.