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FAVIT (Film, Audiovisual Investigations, Television) was founded by Vladimir Petek. In 1973, Camera, a group of Zagreb-based artists, published a text titled "Nova forme udruživanja i rada" (New Forms of Organization and Work), which included documents on Camera's activities since 1965. This group embraced all of the findings of the avant-garde expression and explored the dominant visual dimensions. The group Tok from 1972 predominantly focused on interventions in space with mixed media. An artist active in both groups, Petek founded the group FAVIT in 1972. The first FAVIT program was presented at the April Meetings in Belgrade in 1973. It comprised works made on film and videotape, audiovisual interventions, animated paintings, multiple projections, and contacts with the audience, which directly participated in the program. Petek also produced the FAVIT magazine, which was distributed among the viewers. The first issue (No. 0) of the magazine was recorded on film, and viewers received copies of it. (Jasminka Petter Kalinić, Sineast 39, 1977)

FAVIT - initially, this was the title of a project, then the name of an artist group, and finally of the FAVIT CENTER 01000. The explanation of the acronym - Film, Audiovisual Investigations, Television - also describes the range of interests of its group members (Petek, Jasminka Petter Kalinić, Mladen Stilinović, Dara Dupelj, Nuša and Srečo Dragan, Aleksandar Srnec), who presented their audiovisual experiments baed on the principles of multivision at the Zagfida event in 1974.

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