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Culture centre in Łódź, founded in 2006 by two NGOs (Łódź Art Center and the Chorea Theatre Association) together with the City of Łódź.

The Factory of Art is a cultural institution whose actions are education-oriented and focus on theatre and modern art. CHOREA is responsible for the Factory of Art’s theater and performance activities. CHOREA organizes concerts, plays, and theatre actions in city space, carries out research into the origins of theater, dance, and music, and shares the results through a cycle of workshops, which from the Factory’s very beginning have taken the form of ‘”Tuesdays in the Factory” of Art’. Łódź Art Center is responsible for the visual arts program. Among other activities, Łódź Art Center is the main organizer of two international festivals – PhotoFestival and the Łódź Design Festival.

Contact: Agata Etmanowicz.