Felicia von Zweigbergk

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Felicia von Zweigbergk is a Swedish artist, musician and brewer. She runs Butcher's Tears, the Amsterdam microbrewery where she regularly hosts concerts, exhibitions and other events.

After graduating from the Fine Arts Department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2011, she was editor of Metal Ideas (published as part of the series The Social Life of the Record, published by Paraguay Press) and participated in various (group) exhibitions.

Butcher’s Tears grew out of Lost Property, an artist-run space in Bos en Lommer which lends its name to Chris Kraus’ essay Lost Properties in which Felicia is quoted as saying: "Creating a space, or even a ‘business’, fits my drive for something surreal and total. My first thought when creating Lost Property was that it should function independently of people’s liking, become something that is its own reality. I believe surroundings are stronger than people."