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Frans Evers (1948 - 28 January 2010) studied different aspects of synesthesia as a psychologist and as an innovator of art education. In the science lab he studied perceptual interactions, first in his own experiment at the Psychological Laboratory of the University of Amsterdam, and later with dr. Larry Marks in the John B. Pierce Laboratory in New Haven. In 1990 he co-founded with Dick Raaijmakers the Interfaculty Image & Sound in The Hague for students wanting to relate their electronic music to visual media, installations, performce etc. For the new curriculum courses were developed on synesthetics, sense interference and themes relating to synesthetic cinema and electric music theater. Research projects on synesthetics -joined esthetics- were organized to study and re-compose historic synesthetic concepts created by the modernist avant-garde. In 2003, the curriculum was reformulated and renamed into ArtScience. (2010)

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