French-Baltic-Nordic Video and New Media Festival

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Annual international electronic arts event taking place in the Baltics, from 1992 to 2000 (?).

  • dig_in_time: offline@online media art festival 3nd edition, 24-25 Nov 2000, at Uue Kunsti Muuseumis, Pärnu, Estonia. Theme: Intimate technologies. Curators: Tiia Johannson, Katrin Kivimaa, Raivo Kelomees. Organised by The Museum of New Art in Chaplin Art Center [1], Academy Non Grata [2] and Mediaswamp [3]. Presentations of, CD-ROMs, videos, short films, lectures about cyberart and artist presentations. [4] [5] [6]
  • Media Non Grata: offline@online media art festival, 2nd edition, 1999. [7]
  • offline@online: French-Baltic-Nordic Video and New Media Festival, 19-21 Nov 1998, hosted by the E-Media Centre of the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn. Festival director: Raivo Kelomees. [8] [9]
  • French-Baltic-Nordic Video and Electronic Art Festival, Riga, 1997
  • French-Baltic Video Festival, 1996, Vilnius
  • French-Baltic Video Festival, 1995, Vilnius
  • 3rd French-Baltic Video Art Festival, Vilnius, 1994
  • Second French-Baltic video art festival, 1993/94
  • French-Baltic video art festival, Riga/Vilnius/Tallinn, 1992/93

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