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Born 1960. Artist. Lives in Tallinn. Studied psychology, art history, and design in Tartu and Tallinn. Since 1980 has been active as an artist in traditional way (painting), organized more than 30 group-performances and actions of Tartu University Art Studio during early 1980s. In 1988 wrote first text on video art in Estonian (published in art magazine "Kunst" 1989). Curated exhibitions of "S & K" (1991, 92, 93), "Para 89" ("Crystals of Darkness", 1993 in Södertälje, Sweden) and French-Baltic Video Festival 1995 and 1998 in Tallinn.

Wrote book on Surrealism ("Kunst Publishers" 1993); since 1985 more than 150 articles in main cultural and art magazines and newspapers of Estonia, in recent years mainly on media and electronic art.

Since 1994 lecturer at Estonian Academy of Arts on media art history, art and cyberculture. 1998 participation on workshop for media artists and writers "Polar Circuit 2" in Tornio, Finland.

Participations in festivals of video and media art: French-Baltic Video Art Festivals (1993, 94, 96) - Grand Prix in 1994; WRO 95, Wroclaw; Second International Video and Electronic Art Manifestation in Montreal 1995, French-Baltic-Nordic Video and Electronic Art Festival, Riga 1997, 20th Tokyo Video Festival, 1998 (Silver Award), MuuMediaFestival in Helsinki (1998), Ars Electronica Mediathek (1999), 4th International Festival of New Film, Split (1999).


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