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Fridaymilk is independent project and curating group comes from over the Polar Circle. United by the idea of Northern identity a collective of Murmansk-based curators, managers, artists are promoting the concept of cultural decentralisation by shifting the cultural centres from traditional "capitals" to remote areas.

Fridaymilk team creates and develops projects in the sphere of culture, works as a residency for artists from all over the world, promotes the alternative forms of education, creates a unique commercial and original media content, as well as actively interacts with Russian and international cultural organisations.

Fridaymilk is an open reflection by young artists and curators about the life in the High North. The constant search for a meaning and inspiration to stay and grow in this area. It is a platform for materialisation of emotions, creative energy and a big expedition for searching an answer for key question in the High North whether to "leave or live".