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international (be de nl sk cz at) private (publishers etc)

copyright issues contacts austria (from FRO)

maria windhager, kanzlei Schmied, Kornfeld, Wukoschitz, Windhager
tel.-nummer: 01/ 586 1521

spezialist für urheberrechtsgeschichten:
kanzlei freimüller, noll, obereder, pilz, tel. 01 406 05 51

FUNDING POTS AUSTRIA: --> 13.february it has to be reached in! --> materials and thoughts - fundings of the town of linz. current call for bids for linzIMPULS pot. (must have a connection to linz though --> end of application: 28.02.06) - country of upper austria. no call for bids but constant possiblity. - for media art the deadline is on the 31st of march 2006 - subsidies projects where certain countries must be involved
OR: --> cultural contact point (bratislava?? - information about the funding possibilities in the european union)

austrian embassy in bratislava (with a cultural attache): --> goetheinstitut bratislava (?) - do they subsidse too?