Georgi Penkov

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Aka EXo. Web animator, music journalist, editor in a gaming magazine, DJ, producer, promoter and beatbox/djembe performer. He has always been interested in all expirmental art forms. His interest into music dates some 10 years back in time, when he was into democoding. Toghether with Martin Hristov he is the author of the only two real oldskool bulgarian demos Idleness and Water Illusions, released officialy by the Ancient Pain demo group. (coded in C/Assembler in 1996-1997). Georgi is as well author of the few materials in the bulgarian press related with the demoscene, that were released in the 1998-2002 period in major bulgarian magazines (Computer, PC Mania, Capital weekly). Penkov is also known for being the iniciator of one of the most successfull series of lectures, that were held at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics at Sofia University and introduced the Perl programming language for the first time for bulgarian students.