Gerald Nestler

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Gerald Nestler is an artist, researcher and writer who combines video, performance, installation, intervention, code, text, sound and speech with theory and conversation.

His research and practice focus on the derivative condition of technocapitalism, a performative and increasingly data-driven mode whose power to claim the future derives to a significant degree from finance models, technologies, operations and narratives. To counter-leverage the volatile asymmetries it produces, he works on activating the semantic field of the term resolution as a sociotechnical toolbox against non-transparency. And he explores renegade activism as a risk sharing agency that transforms resistance from critique as dissent towards refusal and betrayal as forms of insurrection.

His postdisciplinary approach has led him to collaboratively develop and curate artistic formats and platforms operating across art, activism, science, philosophy and other fields of expertise – such as The Future of Demonstration – to create bonds and alliances that engage their power of imagination to untangle and resolve the multifaceted economic, political, and ecological challenges we are facing today.

Gerald Nestler's practice is to a large extent based on working, imagining and making together, amongst many others with the artist Sylvia Eckermann and Technopolitics. He was a researcher at Forensic Architecture and received a PhD from Visual Cultures / Centre for Research Architecture, Goldsmiths, University of London. (2022)

He is based in Vienna.