Gita Manaktala

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Gita Manaktala is Editorial Director of the MIT Press, a publisher of cutting-edge scholarship in the sciences, humanities, and social sciences. Until 2009 she served as the press’s Marketing Director with responsibility for worldwide promotion and sales of the press’s titles. She has been a publicist, a promotion manager, and a manager of digital projects. Gita helped to develop CISnet, an online collection of the Press’s computer and information science titles, and E-books at the MIT Press, an online bookstore.

She is active in the Association of American University Presses and teaches in the popular Books Boot Camp workshop offered by the Association of American Publishers’ Professional and Scholarly Publishing Division. She started her career at Grove Press in New York City, where she worked for visionary publisher Barney Rosset. Gita is a graduate of Harvard University and lives with her husband and son in Somerville, MA.