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Grace C. Hertlein (5 April 1924, Chicago - 13 July 2015, Chico, CA) began to work as an artist in the mid 1940s, showing her work in individual exhibitions from 1959.

She studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (1961–1965) and sculpture at Chico State College (B.F.A. 1968 and M.F.A. 1970). 1970–1998, professor at the department of computer science, California State University, Chico. 1974–1976 art editor of the journal Computers and People (formerly Computers and Automation), 1976–1982 editor of the quarterly Computer Graphics and Art.

As art editor of Computers and Automation, she played a decisive part in the concept for the Computer Art Contest, the winner of which was presented on the cover of each year’s August edition.

When teaching, she introduced IT specialists to computer art, while also making artists aware of computer programmes.

“I am an interdisciplinary person, who might have taught in an English, Art or a Philosophy Department. I was, after all, not a pure scientist – merely an artist with the ability to write and speak, to philosophize.”

" The teaching of computer art is a bridge that unites ‘Art and Science’. Art Departments find the subject too technical. Computer departments find the area too artistic. "

In her late years, Hertlein continued to write philosophical poetry, and composing computer music.

She lived in Chico, CA, USA. [1] [2]

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