Gustav Hamos

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Born 1955 in Budapest. 1972-78 first film and photographic works. 1974-79 participated in conceptual art exhibitions in Budapest, The Netherlands and East Berlin, and completed several filmworks on Super 8 and 16mm. 1979 emigrated to West-Berlin. Studied at the German Film & Television Academy (Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin, DFFB) in West Berlin, 1979-83.

From 1980 artistic work with videotapes and installations. Numerous television productions. In 1987, received an artist-in-residence grant at P.S.1 in New York, and in 1988, completed a Goethe-House Tour, as artist-in-residence in North America, Westernfront, Vancouver, B.C. (Canada). In 1989, presented a Hungarian Retrospective of Films and Videos, with a lecture series, at MIT, Cambridge (USA), and between 1990-91, lectured at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest In 1992, received a Nipkow Grant (Berlin) and presented lecture Master of Light at the Academy of Fine Arts, Berlin.

Between 1992-96, lectured in Lódz, Warsaw, Cologne, Dresden, Peking and Budapest, including: 1994 Madamachine, Digitale 94, Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, Germany; 1995 The Real Power of TV, Contemporary Art Gallery, Peking, China; 1996 Das Berlin Projekt, Eine Zeitreise, Academy of Media Arts, Cologne. Since 1995, teaching Video at the Film Academy Berlin and the Academy of Fine Arts Berlin. Between 1997-98, presented an exhibition and event series at the Goethe-Institut Budapest, entitled: The code, Idols and Heroes, The Power of News, The City.

Lives in Berlin.