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Hacking at Random 2009 was an international technology & security conference. Four days of technology, ideological debates and hands-on tinkering. On August 13-16, 2009 the 20th anniversary edition of the four-yearly Dutch outdoor technology-conference was organized on a large camp-site at de Paasheuvel near Vierhouten, the Netherlands.

Unlike its predecessors, HAR was not a project by exactly the same people as before [1]: there were new people involved in the organization process[2]. Like the previous Dutch hacker cons this event thrived by using its volunteers, and called everyone including the visitor sponsors a volunteer. Everyone was expected to do their part in making the event a success. With over 170 talks and 3 large lecture halls, this edition was by far the largest in the series of quadrennial Dutch events.

Sequel to What The Hack (2005). Followed by OHM2013.