Harold Rubin

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Born 1932 in Johannesburg. Visual artist, musician, poet.

Studied classical clarinet, moved into jazz & formed quartette. Immigrated to Israel in 1963.

Stopped work in music for 12 years & started again in late 79. With Josi Mar-Haim 84. (original music.)

In 1986 formed "Zaviot" with Mark Smulian, which played at festivals inIsrael & in Europe and was chosen by Jazzisrecords to be their first recording group.(original music)

In 1992 formed "Trialog" to work on a more open experimental music and into free improvised music.

In 1996 formed "Blue Bag" sextette to perform his music & poems at the Cinamatec festival & C.D.

March 98 guest of the "Jazz Passengers" New York "Knitting Factory".

March 2000 invited to perform at the Brooklyn Academy of Music with his trio.

Co-founder of the "Tel Aviv Art Ensemble", a musicians collective whose aim is to develop & motivate interest in modern music. He performs regularly in Israel with original material.

2004 The Muse and Music project with bassist and lap top agitator JC Jones, poetry and music based on personal memoirs and political commentaries. CD to be released soon.