History of media

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media as storage of image/text/sound

  • Dieter Prokop
  • Harold Innis, [1]
  • Friedrich Kittler, Gramophone Film Typewriter, 1986/1999. Kittler's central project is to "prove to the human sciences [...] their technological-media a priori" (Winkler), or in his own words: "Driving the spirit out of the humanities", a title that he gave a work that he published in 1980.[2]
  • Régis Debray, Transmitting Culture, 2004. Debray is founder and chief exponent of the discipline of médiologie or "mediology", which attempts to scientifically study transmission of cultural meaning in society, whether through language or images. [3] [4]
  • Köppl
  • Marshall McLuhan [5]
  • Lev Manovich, Language of New Media, media: *1830s daguerrotype, then in 20th c. + photography, film, gramophone, [6]