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Hivenetworks is an Open Source project that explores the new concepts of DIY network building, mesh architectures and ubiquitous computing. The aim is to take the DIY networking and publishing to the point where it becomes accessible to anyone with creative mind and basic knowledge of computing.

People behind Hive Networks have been involved in building networked communities and open wireless network development for quite a while. Back in the early days of wireless networking, DIY workshops were developed and given to those willing to build their own “tools of freedom” in UK and Europe. Hivenetworks still maintains extensive contacts with groups like Consume in London and Freifunk in Berlin and is actively involved in development of few embedded open source projects.

Hivenetworks has strong affinity with artists and media practitioners looking for new ways of content aggregation and dissimilation and new models of network publishing. We are art practitioners ourself and are continuously looking for new projects and initiatives to apply and test the concepts of Hive.

We define Hive Network as an ubiquitous infrastructure that can see, hear, touch and talk to people. It is a concept centered on content generation, dissemination and freedom, and not just connectivity.

Practical realization of the ideas behind Hivenetworks are Hivewares - a range of software tools that transform industrially built, inexpensive, small consumer devices into the much smarter species of Hive device.