Hlynur Helgason

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Artist-writer based in Reykjavík. His work of late are installations involving video and photography in a wider context, but as well he is involved with a number of projects with the aim of creating and sustaining activist thought in a wide field of art and culture.

Hlynur is running various web projects:

  • dada.is is an older website dedicated to discussions of art in Iceland. It is no longer updated regularly.
  • FUGL.is is the website of Reykjavík Project Space, which has organized a number of exhibitions in Reykjavík and publishes regularly contributions to discussions about the art scene in Icelandic.
  • kvikmyndlist.is is a project dedicated to the collection and publication on icelandic video art.
  • artinfo.is is a venue for information about various colaborative art projects, presently it is dedicated to the project infoPHR, Alien Structures in Urban Landscape