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International festival of computer arts organized by Video Section of MKC Maribor Youth Culture Centre, ArtNetLab and Kibla in Ljubljana and Maribor. Initiated in 1995 by Jože Slaček.


The first International Festival of Computer Arts (IFCA) was organised for the first time in 1995 by the Video Section of the MKC Maribor Youth Culture Centre. The guests were young artists and well-known guests such as Stelarc with the performance Split Body/Voltage-in/Voltage-out, Lisa Brandt with the performance Techno Hell, Jacek Szleszynski with computer animations, Petra de Njis with the computer animation project Guru Meditation, and Paul Sermon with the installation Telematic Dreaming.

Subsequent guests of the festival included Chico MacMurtrie with an installation and performance, Allucquere, Rosanne (Sandy) Stone, Olia Lianina with the installation network projects, Rachel Armstrong, Arthur Elsenaar, Stahl Stenslie, Marcel-Li Antunez Roca, David Link, Constanze Ruhm, Orhan Kipcak and Markus Huemer.

The festival takes place at different venues, in institutional spaces like the Maribor Art Gallery, the Slovene National Theatre (SNG) Maribor, and the Faculty of Arts, University of Maribor, as well as at the venues ŠTUK Student Event Centre Maribor, Kibla Multimedia Centre, Hladilnica Gallery, Pekarna and the Media Nox Gallery. Since 2004 the Festival has been produced by ArtNetLab (Ales Vaupotič, Narvika Bovcon) in collaboration with MKC Maribor. The festival has grown substantially from its early beginnings. In its history, being the computer arts festival with the longest tradition in Slovenia, the festival has presented all of the most important intermedia artists from around the country (Srečo Dragan, Marko Peljhan, Igor Štromajer, Vuk Ćosić and Davide Grassi). It also focuses specifically on works by young artists who often develop their computer based projects as part of ArtNetLab production. The selector of the 10th and 11th Festival was Peter Weibel.

Date Name Site Website
9-12 May 2006 12th IFCA Ljubljana, Maribor
10-13 May 2005 11th IFCA Ljubljana, Maribor, Zagreb
11-15 May 2004 10th IFCA Ljubljana, Maribor, Graz
28-31 May 2002 8th IFCA Ljubljana, Maribor
27 Aug - 1 Sep 1996 2nd IFCA - New Corporality Maribor announcement, program