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Born 1963 in Tel Aviv. Musician, Performer, Lecturer, Instruments builder & Inventor, graphic and web designer.

In 1989, he established (with A. Belleli and O. Leibovitch) The TRACTOR'S REVENGE, where he took part at 7 CDs, live music for dance (KIR by Ohad Naharin & BATSHEVA dance company), music for plays (OTHELLO, ROMEO & JULLIETE), films etc. At 2004 he left the band after 15 years.

During that time he was playing with DURALEX SEDLEX (CD: DOM 1995), produced CD for OLIVE, realesed 2 CDs of his own: Where does the dark go to when the lights are turned on? (1996) - Accompanied with exhibition of illuminated boxes images made by green. Little Record (2004). Made music & participate at DINNER DRESS Performance by Tamar Raban (1997). At 1999 he eastablished the group Krechtz with Gil Wasserman. Home-grown electronics, high-end control instruments, kitchen appliances and circuit-bent toys, provide the playground on which KRECHTZ compositions are based. KRECHTZ performed at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival (2002), Istanbul (2004), residency and performance at STEIM (Amsterdam 2002). 2002 - wrote the music and participate as live musician at the play ORI - first place at Acco Festival. Since 2003 he has established and runs the New Music Department at the Musrara School at Jerusalem.