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Antiautoritarksy infoshop wiki[edit]

10th - 11th of April

Anti-G8 bycicle caravan

  • Propaganda
    • Flyer are here already
    • Posters: A3 - until next week --> both should be distributed around the town
    • Flyer with detailed programme about one week in advance
  • Space
    • green house (has to be cleaned) --> electricity maybe thru tranzit (not confirmed yet): for soundsystem ?!
    • camping place (has to be cleaned from the big grass)
    • 13m3 downstairs
  • Sanitairs
    • DIY toilet (whole in ground - curtain around it!? - women/men?) + 2 toilets inside the building (cleaning)
    • --> showers for money
  • Party atd.
    • Bar: should be simply downstairs of 13m3 - that's also the place for the lectures/screenings
    • we need to buy that also a few days in advance
    • romanian band?
    • soundsystem
  • caravan & general
    • they have a traktor and their own kitchen
    • we should cook something when they arrive (when DO they arrive?)
    • will they make a presentation/lecture?
    • on their timetable: working with youth center ??? when etc...?
    • food: can we get it somewhere for free?
  • timetable infoapolice<-->13m3

13m3 exhibition will be broken down on 7th of april - so we can start on the 8th; the next exhibition of 13m3 will start on the 13th of april.