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Karl Ioganson, Moscow, c1922.
Born January 16, 1890(1890-01-16)
Cēsis, Latvia, Russian Empire
Died October 18, 1929(1929-10-18) (aged 39)
Moscow, Soviet Union
Collections Costakis
Karl Ioganson, Voldemars Andersons, Karlis Veidemanis, and Gustav Klutsis pose in Lenin's Model T Ford at the Kremlin, Summer 1918. All four artists were members of a detachment of Latvian machine gunners appointed to guard the Kremlin after Lenin's transfer of the Russian capital to Moscow in March 1918.

Karl Ioganson (Kārlis Johansons, Kaрл Вольдемарович Иогансон; 1890-1929) was a Latvian and Russian Constructivist artist.


Spatial Constructions[edit]

Drawings for the construction/composition debate at Inkhuk[edit]

Drawings related to the 1921-22 debate on production art at Inkhuk[edit]


  • "Ot konstruktsii k tekhnike i izobreteniiu" [От конструкции к технике и изобретению] [9 Mar 1922], typescript, 3 pp; Khan-Magomedov collection, Moscow; printed in Maria Gough, The Artist as Producer, Harvard University, 1997. Given as lecture at INKhUK as part of the ongoing discussion about a "move into production"; outlines two different kinds of construction: the "artistic" and "real 'structural-technical'" (podlinnyi "stroitel'no-tekhnicheskii"), and argues that the role of the Constructivist artist must be not that of a creator of utilitarian objects (as in tekhnika) but of an inventor (izobretatel' ). (Russian)
    • "From Construction to Technology and Invention", trans. James West, in Art Into Life: Russian Constructivism, 1914-1932, eds. Richard Andrews and Milena Kalinovska, New York: Rizzoli, 1990, p 70. (English)
    • "From Construction to Tekhnika and Invention", in Maria Gough, The Artist as Producer, Harvard University, 1997. (English)


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