Iosif Berman

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Iosif Berman (autoportrait, c1930)
in left Constantin Brăiloiu recording a man singing at a cimpoi, the Romanian bagpipe (photo by Iosif Berman reproduced in National Geographic Magazine, 1934)

Iosif Berman (1892–1941) was a Romanian photographer and early photojournalist.

During the mid-1920s, Berman collaborated with the Romanian sociologist Dimitrie Gusti, who studied Romanian villages and traditions, and with Filip Brunea-Fox (1898–1977) on his reportage articles.



After the World War II, the communist government tried to use the photos for propaganda, but they were hardly propaganda material. According to a researcher at Museum of the Romanian Peasant, he presented a realist view of the rural life, with its poor, its gypsies, its village idiot.

Berman in front of the bear, image taken fromThe man with thousand eyes
  • Alexandru Solomon: The man with thousand eyes, the life and pictures of Iosif Berman, reporter (2001) [Omul cu o mie de feţe - Viaţa şi fotografiile lui Iosif Berman], 52 min. and 26 min., video and 35 mm. Written, directed and photographed by Alexandru Solomon, edited by Nita Chivulescu. Produced by Ager Film with Fundatia Arte Vizuale and support from the CNC. [1]


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