Jakob Riis

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Born 1964 in Velje, Denmark. Composer, laptop musician, improviser. Active in the experimental fields of electronic music, soundart, sonic webart, improvisation and contemporary composition. Lives in Malmö .

Currently Jakob Riis is performing with: An auf, Copenhagen Art Ensemble, Riis and the Smooth ones, Hindi + Riis, Rød Planet (with Liudas Mockunas and Stefan Pasborg), The Ghettoblaster Ensemble, The Minijacks (laptop quartet), Toxicum and Expanded Botanics, Ris & Ros (with Ann Rosén).

Jakob Riis has been composing-, playing- and released cd's with/for people and ensembles like: Alarm112, Anne Katrine Kallmoes (choreographer), ATAGS, Bidt (performancetheater), Copenhagen Art Ensemble, Den 3. Vej's Kammerensemble, Ensemble New, Hans Fjellestad, Lotte Anker, Lydmuren (DR P1), Peter Ole Jørgensen, Philipp Wachsmann, Pierre Dørge, Randers Byorkester, Roskilde Festival (performance), Ssshhhhh....(soundbiennale in Copenhagen), The Orchestra and Toneart Workshop Ensemble.

Other than own websites, Jakob Riis has been showing web-art at: Wigged.net, Ssshhhhh.dk and Minimalportal.dk.