Jan Kubíček

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Born 1927 in Kolín nad Labem. Jan Kubíček, painter and graphic artist, ranks to the narrow circle of artists who dedicated their oeuvres to the rational Geometric Art. Kubíček graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in the 1950s and was member of the art group Křižovatka (Crossroad). He launched his artistic career as landscape painter and admirer of urban poetry. He developed a special technique of patterns and, via inscriptions and signs in his paintings, professed a special form of Lettrism, eventually arriving at totally autonomous geometry. From the 1960s, he was systematically involved in creating most various geometric models, exploring their possibilities and variations. His paintings and prints are characteristic of lines which, at the same time, divide the individual color surfaces. Similarly as Zdeněk Sýkora, Kubíček explores the possibilities of constructing accidents. He, however, consistently works with elementary, i.e. given, geometric elements whose combinations are endless. Apart from Sýkora, Vladislav Mirvald and Milan Grygar, Jan Kubíček is one of the most significant Czech abstract artists. His works are part of numerous collections both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Kubíček’s extensive graphic oeuvre has equipollent position as his paintings. Jan Kubíček also received the Vladimír Boudník Award for the best 1999 Print.