Jarek Kujda

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Born 1977 in Bystrzyca KBodzka. Graduated from School of Visual Advertising in Zwidnica. A media artist and culture animator. Practises computer graphics (distinguished at Young Electronic Arts 2000, Die Deutsch Polnische Gesellschaft Essen e.V chosen his Logo), animation 2d (participant of the review Mikrokino FEST 2001 - Yugoslavia), performance; composes using instrumental electronics (among others: projects 17115 and kunstbande SLA published by an independent Dutch label Staalplaat, DOXAPINE, samploza lab anssample). Creator of artistic projects for the GameBoy Color (artROM – artistic software; Gameboyzz Orchestra Project - music performance created for the IX Media Art Biennale WRO 01). He is one of the founders of the multimedia art formation Kunstbande SLA and one of the creators of the series Review of Audiovisual Art - Strefa. Connected with the subculture environment of the 90`s, an author and publisher of the art zine biaBy cieD (white shadow). Participates in reviews and exhibitions. One of the founders and commissioners of the international art project The condition of the cube (www.cube.netgate.pl). Resident in KBodzko, Poland.