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Jean (Ivan Petrovich) Raoult was a photographer. French by birth, Raoul owned a photographic studio in Odessa in 1860-1880s. He created ethnographic photographic studies in many areas of Russia. In the late 1870s he published the album Collection de types des Peuples de Russie, Roumanie et Bulgarie, a collection of over 200 shots of everyday life and surroundings, mostly from Russia’s south. Raoul’s photographs of 1880s depicting landscapes, the people and the antiques of the Caucasus, the Crimea and the Volga river were also assembled into albums. In 1877-78, during the Russian-Turkish War, Raoul travelled to Romania and Bulgaria where he photographed the military actions of the Russian forces. In 1879-82 during the expedition to the Northern Caucasus, Georgia and Armenia and later to Athos and Palestina devoted to the searching for the Christian antiques Raoul was a photographer accompanying Prof. N. P. Kondakov. In 1884, staying in Constantinople after one of Kondakov’s expeditions, Raoul decided to return to France. In 1890s he owned a photographic studio in the south of France. He won prices at the Paris Geographic Exhibition (1875) and at the World Exhibition in Paris (1878) for photographs of people of Moldavia, Bessarabia and Odessa. [1] [2]