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NNY is the recording and performing name of Jerome Faria (b. 1983), a sound and visual artist based in Madeira, Portugal.

Aside from a vast background as a musician in many bands, he released his first solo work signed as NNY in 2004: the "OFFEAR.EP" on Enough Records. That piece, quoted by the label as "brilliant experimental idm ambient", was followed by the first full-length album "ECT" in 2005 on Test Tube Records which described it as "a complex experiment in sound dissection, as Jerome pursues pure forms of sound composition, some being harsh and brute while others are harmonious and contemplating."

2006 saw the release of the highly conceptual record "COIL" on MiMi Records. The EP features a single track of exactly 30 minutes and a different approach to production adding a more organic sound with the use of acoustic instruments and field recordings. About "COIL" was said that it's "slowly-evolving amorphous compositions filled with sculpted textures and disembodied droning resonances demonstrate a great care for detail and an aesthetic that, while digitally inspired, still maintains a sense of tonality and balance".

Not only contributing tracks to many compilations - including the Mothers Against Noise series and the Boards of Canada tribute "One on Twoism" -, Jerome remixed fellow Portuguese artist PS and collaborated with Lisbon-based industrial collective Structura for a spoken-word track called "Cybernetics". He also contributed music to a documentary about digital arts by Portuguese video artist Hugo Olim.

As NNY he has performed live aside artists such as Frank Bretschneider, Hecker and Fennesz.

2007 saw the commercial release of his first CD titled "NNY++", a collaboration between Jerome and Japanese artist Kazuya Mise, this time released by Almasud Records.

Later that year, he released "Hyphema", a collaboration with long-time friend and co-worker Victor Martins. Hyphema is an audiovisual composition presented as a live performance and a DVD.