Jerzy Bereś

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Jerzy Bereś (14 September 1930, New Sącz – 25 December 2012, Kraków) was a Polish sculptor, author and performance artist. In his work he used artistic manifestations. His works and projects are often political and ethical statements, preaching the demand of the "creative act" on the subject. Jerzy Bereś developed his own unique style, but his practices were related to happening and performance, although he didn't admit to any relationship with these trends in the arts demonstrations, calling them actions (actions, "Masses"). Bereś' art is an art symbol, a metaphor, and a metaphysics. His art is the result of a dispute with known artist of the twentieth century such as the dramatists Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz, Tadeusz Kantor or conceptual artist Marcel Duchamp.