Jiří Fiala

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Doc. RNDr. Jiří Fiala, CSc. (1939, Uherské Hradiště – 2012, Praha) was Czech mathematician and mathematics philosopher, logician, language and thought philosopher, programer of computer languages, art theoretician, trans-disciplinary essayist, translator and editor of numerous philosophical works. He was influenced by surrealism, science historian and general intellectual, as well as chronicler of unofficial culture and science, and editor of samizdat literature. He translated texts by René Descartes, Umberto Eco, Vilém Flusser, Kurt Gödel, Karl Jaspers, Henri Poincaré, Karl Popper, Karl H. Pribram, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Philip Zimbardo, K. R. Popper etc and was editor of several publications about analytic philosophy.