Jiří Hoskovec

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Jiří Hoskovec, PhDr., CSc. (2/19/1933 - 7/11/2011 Prague), professor of psychology, was specialising mainly in the psychology of transport and history of psychology. He is author resp. co-author of a number of books and numerous articles in the area of general and applied psychology, and in the history of psychology. On the basis of international cooperation, study visits and stays he was integrating Western and Eastern trends in psychology. With his colleague, Doc. PhDr. Jiří Štikar, CSc., he edited from 1994 - 2008 the journal Psychologie v ekonomické praxi (Applied Industrial Psychology), and from 2004 until his death he was editor in chief of the journal Československá psychologie (Czechoslovak Psychology), and co-editor of further scientific journals in various countries.


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