Jodi Dean

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Jodi Dean teaches political theory. Her research and writing focus on the contemporary space and possibility of politics. Books include: Solidarity of Strangers (1996), Aliens in America: Conspiracy Cultures From Outerspace to Cyberspace (1998), Publicity's Secret (2002), Žižek's Politics (2006), Democracy and Other Neoliberal Fantasies (2009), Blog Theory: Feedback and Capture in the Circuits of Drive (2010), The Communist Horizon (2012), Crowds and Party (2016), and Comrade: An Essay on Political Belonging (2019).

She edited Feminism and the New Democracy (1997), Cultural Studies and Political Theory (2000), Empire's New Clothes: Reading Hardt and Negri (with Paul A. Passavant, 2004), Reformatting Politics: Information Technology and Global Civil Society (with Jon Anderson and Geert Lovink, 2006).