Joulia Strauss

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Born 1974 in Leningrad. Her roots are in the deep forests of Mari, a pagan tribe in the most eastern forests of Europe. She studied at the New Academy of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg and at the University of Fine Arts, Berlin in the Georg Baselitz class. Her works have been shown at Pergamon Museum (Berlin), Deutsche Guggenheim (Berlin), Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), Tate Modern (London), ZKM (Karlsruhe), Hudson Valley Centre for Contemporary Art (New York), Philadelphia Science Centre, Hamburger, Frankfurter, Wolfsburger Kunstvereins, Martin-Gropius-Bau (Berlin), Moscow-, Tirana-, Athens Biennale. She has just accomplished her residency at MyLivingRoom, Athens. She worked together with the music scientist and media philosopher Martin Carlé on Cat-Notation, the long-term development of notation in the temporal domain of simulation.