Jozef Jankovič

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Born 1937 in Bratislava. Artist. After becoming "unwanted" by communist regime in Slovakia he quit creating sculptures and in 1972 started to cooperate with SAV's computer scientist Imrich Bertók and produced lithographies and serigraphies based on computer drawings produced on Gier computer. Their first computer works were manually digitized and transformed, multiplied and morphed by the computer program, which controlled HP and Calcomp plotters. There were only two computers in SAV and upon order from an institution, it was given the access for 1-2 hours a week. Bertók was basically algorithmizating Jankovič's rationalizations (process later named as "controlled serendipity"). Solo exhibition, Jankovič_-_Graphics in Liberec, 1984. In 1985 exhibited at SIGGRAPH. In 1987 returned to sculpture.

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