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Józef Patkowski (15 November 1929, Vilnius – 26 October 2005, Warsaw) was a Polish musicologist and film music composer. He was distinguished for the development of Polish electro-acoustic music.

Józef Patkowski graduated in musicology from Warsaw University. Simultaneously, he studied physics at the same university. Patkowski worked as musicology consultant: to the Polish Radio Theatre and to the Documentary Film Company. In 1957 he founded the Experimental Studio of the Polish Radio, which he directed until 1985. In 1974 he founded the Electronic Music Studio in the Music Academy in Cracow, which operated until 2000. From 1960 to 2000 Patkowski was a member of the “Warsaw Autumn” International Festival of Contemporary Music Program Committee, over which he presided from 1974-1979. From 1979-1985 he was President of the Polish Music Council attached to UNESCO. Józef Patkowski was an honorary member of the Polish Society for Contemporary Music (International Society for Contemporary Music – Polish Section) and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Elektroakustische Musik. [1]

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