Jules Ziegler

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Jules-Claude Ziegler (1804-1856) was a French painter, ceramicist and photographer of the French school. He used photography to emphasize his work as ceramist. His contribution to photography is manifold. Of an inventive spirit, Jules Ziegler performed many experiments on techniques, optics, and color. From the early 1840s, he was devoted to the daguerreotype and improved its coloring. In 1851, he was one of the first in France to use wet collodion. The same year, he joined the management committee of the Société heliographique and he was awarded a certificate for his photography at the Great Exhibition at the Crystal Palace, London 1851. He wrote many articles for La Lumière and a report on photography for the Paris Exposition Universelle of 1855 [1].

  • Théorie de la coloration des reliefs, Paris, 1850.
  • Traité de la couleur et de la lumière, Paris, 1852.
  • Compte-rendu de la photographie à l'Exposition de 1855, Dijon, 1855.